Hi! I’m Andrew

I’m a married father to five. I owned my first ball python when I was 13 years old. Fast forward years later to 2019, when one of my kids wanted his own. I took my son to a local breeder to buy his very first ball python and I instantly was drawn to a Pastel Piebald. I was fascinated with all the different morphs of ball pythons.

From that moment on I was hooked. Within a few months I brought home my second ball python, a Leopard Albino het pied. As my love for ball pythons grew, so did my collection. Within the first year I decided I wanted to start breeding these amazing reptiles.

Why I use the name “Panther City” Reptiles.

I have lived in the Fort Worth area my entire life and have worked for the City of Fort Worth as a First Responder since 2004. 

Other than Funky Town, Fort Worth is known as Panther City. Around 1875 a Dallas Attorney relocated from Fort Worth because it was a struggling city at that time. He once made a comment that Fort Worth was such a sleepy city that he saw a panther asleep in the streets of downtown.

Fort Worth embraced the name of Panther City as a symbol of hope and strength. Since 1912 the Fort Worth Police department has used a panther on their badges. If you drive around downtown Fort Worth you will see statues of panthers in different places, even on buildings around town.

I wanted to use Panther City because Fort Worth is a big part of who I am.

Where you can find us!

Follow @PantherCityReptiles on Instagram to see behind the scenes photos and new updates on our snakes.

We also enjoy connecting with other ball python owners on our Facebook page.